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EST Capital Services

A Smart Way to Enter the Future

EST Capital AG, Zug, Switzerland is an intermediary between traditional finance and emerging digital trend with blockchain, DLTs and smart contracts., financial axiom born in the Swiss valley. EST Capital AG Is presenting itself as a tool and medium of change without diluting the ethical concept of money and finance vis-a-vis welfare and profits.

Asset Management

Asset management is a systematic process of minimizing the whole life cost of assets by developing, operating, maintaining, upgrading, and disposing of assets ins a cost effective manner.

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Trade Financing

We are actively engaged in Trade Financing through facilitation of different stakeholders including buyer, seller, trade financier, export credit agencies, and insurers.

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Private Placement

Piped deals or Private placement is the process of capital raising, a variant of funding process wherein securities are sold not through a public offering, but rather through a private offering.

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Regulated Bonds

Regulated bonds are used to borrow money in wholesale markets. These programs are "regulated" because they fully conform to regulatory procedures and requirements.

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Custodial Facilitation

We facilitate custodian facilities for our clients so that the safety of the assets can be secured. Safekeeping of assets include financial securities such as stocks, bonds.

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IPO/STO Advisory

Our IPO Advisory Services team provides the end-to-end solutions and strategy for our clients to have a successful IPO process. Our tools and methodologies help companies.

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