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One stop solution for listing, trading, and managing your fully compliant
tokenized ipo / security token offering (sto).

Our Services

IPO Advisory

Our IPO Advisory Services team provides the end-to-end solutions and strategy for our clients to have a successful IPO process. Our tools and methodologies help companies mitigate transaction risk and compress execution timelines so that they can stay focused on their company and investors. We suggest raising funds by way of equity shares/preference shares, and fully/optional convertible/non-convertible debentures. We assist them in finalization of memorandum & articles of association, prospectus (offer document),other public issue related agreements, and obtaining approval from regulating authorities. We then support them in arranging under-writing from banks, institutions, corporations and stock brokers. In a nutshell, we as advisors consider all important aspects of a successful IPO augmented by meticulous planning.

STO Advisory

There is a global rush to compete in the emerging and crowded crypto market and find an alternative to venture capital and private equity funding which are painfully time consuming. In the crypto world STO is used to raise capital. Instead of receiving shares in the company, investors receive a cryptocurrency that will then gain value as the blockchain project grows and succeeds. However, it is only an STO that adheres to the best practices of investors, will be successful. The STO market is still entirely unregulated and not all ICOs are successful. Some fail, some underperform after launch and others turn out to be scams. Hence, STO investment remains a very risky venture. There are a range of challenges, including cybersecurity, marketing, PR, setting up the crowd sale platform, escrow services, etc. We work with a KYC/AML compliant solution in addition to the traditional STOs. We use our rigorous filters to determine what is best for our client. Our emphasis is on shortest possible lead time to have success. We also focus on technology due diligence and marketing in a holistic manner.