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Asset Management

Asset management is a systematic process of minimizing the whole life cost of assets by developing, operating, maintaining, upgrading, and disposing of assets ins a cost effective manner. We have the skills to optimize the value of both tangible, intangible and digital assets which we provide our clients. The holistic risk assessment runs encompasses historical data, spatial and temporal processes within the global proximities. We coordinate the activities through disciplined approach to createvalue. EST Capital has expertise in diverse financial instruments. The capability to combine different kinds of instruments and to customize investment opportunities for our clients gives us a unique edge to offer each client a unique risk and return portfolio. Each portfolio can be customized to include global investment opportunities by way of asset allocation into equity, debt, derivative, futures, swaps and commodities to name a few.

Understanding the risk appetite and returns, which the clients look for, a wide variety of investment opportunities are made available to the investors. Capitalizing on the movement of the Global markets, different instruments cater to the different investment needs of our customers.