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EST Capital AG Is in financial intermediary business to provide the interface between the classical finance and the emerging trends like crypto, financial axiom born in the Swiss valley. EST Capital AG Is presenting itself as a tool and medium of change without diluting the ethical concept of money and finance vis-a-vis welfare and profits.

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EST Capital Switzerland Location

We are a Self-Regulatory Organization (SRO) duly supervised directly by VQF which in turn is directly supervised by FINMA as per the financial market supervision act (FINMASA). As per article 2 para 3 of Anti Money Laundering act (AMLA), we are the other financial intermediaries of the so called alternative financial sector or para-banking sector.

Self-Regulatory Organization

EST Capital AG has expertise in diverse financial instruments. The capability to combine different kinds of instruments and to customize investment opportunities for our clients gives EST Capital AG a unique edge to offer each client a unique risk and return portfolio. A high percentage of trade operations now a days fail because small to medium size companies cannot get the help they deserve from large banks for various reasons.

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Technology heralded the dawn of a new era of capital and profit creation, digital capitalism. Cryptocurrency with Blockchain technology seems to outclass all traditional movement resulting in a significant shake up of the financial world.

EST Capital Switzerland

At your service always. Our goal is to facilitate creation of wealth for our clients that are both individuals & enterprises while always keeping their best interests a priority as we navigate the ever changing regulatory landscape.